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Save the Dummy Level Pack 2 Being a dummy it is easy to do dumb stuff and especially in this new logic game as you will certainly have to think your every move and the ...
Save the Dummy Level Pack 2
Save the Dummy Level Pack The dummy in this logic game is getting into all sorts of challenging situations that he cannot get out of. Here is where you come in and you will ...
Save the Dummy Level Pack
Save the Dummy This is a very intricate logic game in which you will have to time your actions really well in order to save the dummy. He is always tied up to som...
Save the Dummy
Crazy Castle This shooting game is very special as you will have some really powerful weapons for the era you are playing in. The king wants you to protect the ...
Crazy Castle
Franky the Fish Franky is a little fish and loves eating smaller fish. This is the circle of life in the ocean, the bigger you are the less enemies you have. Frank...
Franky the Fish
Ninja Frog Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Albion, things could not have gone better for the prince, as he was soon to get married with his sweetheart Mar...
Ninja Frog