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Ninja and Blind Girl Ninja and Blind Girl will need your help in this action adventure game and both of them have to be guided in order to win the fights they ge...
Ninja and Blind Girl
Color Tanks The green tanks lived in peace until the colored ones came along and almost wiped out all of them. In this action game you are a lonely survivor th...
Color Tanks
ErlinE Adventure This is a fun adventure game in which you will have to bring back light to this dark world after the enemies have stolen all the stars off the sky....
ErlinE Adventure
Swordsman Steve Swordsman Steve was an ordinary hard working man until the day the attackers came. He has sworn never to wield a sword again but these times requir...
Swordsman Steve
Stickman This is a fun fighting game in which you will play a stickman as the games title clearly says it. You will be dropped off in a world with people ju...
Kung Fu Grandpa Many of the grandparents are old and weak, with not alot of worries on their mind, but in this fighting game you will see an one of a kind grandpa,...
Kung Fu Grandpa