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Bazooka Boy Level Pack This is a nice adventure game in which you will have a fun time trying to reach the end of each level. Many times the road will be blocked by rocks...
Bazooka Boy Level Pack
Turnament Turnament is a nice little adventure game in which you will have to collect all the coins from a level and then reach the stairs to climb out and h...
Ode to Pixel Days This is an adventure game in which you will be playing a young man which is not the most aesthetic of his generation, some would say he is quite ug...
Ode to Pixel Days
Qoosh Qoosh is a fun science subject that you will have to play with in this action game. The testing facility will guide you trough the levels and slowl...
Running Warrior This is a fun adventure game in which you will be a fearless warrior that doesnt let anything stop him from rescuing his sweetheart. You will have ...
Running Warrior
Canary Canary is a simple code name for the mining operations taking place in the asteroid, but you will be doing a similar job to a bird as you will have...