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Slice the Box Slice the box is a great arts and crafts game in which you will have lots of cutting to do if you want to create all the shapes that the skill game...
Slice the Box
Samurai Fruit You might recognize this skill game as it is most popular on smartphones but this time you will be able to enjoy it at the computer as well and pro...
Samurai Fruit
Yummy Nuts These squirrels have found the golden nuts and they were so happy but one of them sneezed so now they are all scattered on the wall of the iceberg....
Yummy Nuts
Penguin Slice 2 A second version of the Penguin slice skill game was surely called for as many of us loved that game. This time around the goal remains the same me...
Penguin Slice 2
Penguin Slice This is another cool logic game called Penguin Slice and your job in it will be quite challenging. The eskimos are having a hard time trying to get...
Penguin Slice
Fruits The fruits hare having a blast in this awesome skill game and you will have to put your mind to it in each level in order to pass them with flying ...