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Divide Divide is a great skill game in which you will need to cut the wooden shapes and meet the requirements for each level. This sounds easy on paper bu...
Beaver Blocks These small beavers were lost and now you have to help mama beaver find her children and go to them at the nest. This sounds easy but the little on...
Beaver Blocks
Tommy Slingshot Tommy is the character you will be playing in this new shooting game and your goal will be of course to kill all the robbers that are trying to kid...
Tommy Slingshot
Magic Safari This is a fun car game in which you will have to help the animals get through the tough roads of the safari. The bear is already driving and he can...
Magic Safari
Jumping Box This great skill game will test your abilities with a simple concept, one in which you have to make the orange box land on the orange tile in each ...
Jumping Box